Varigated Greenery Vase

This vase with variegated greenery makes a wonderful complement to other colourful flowers and plants. Made of polyester with an elegantly simple glass vase, this authentic-looking collection of greenery is sure to brighten any room, from the office to the home or cottage — without the mess or maintenance of an actual plant.

Dimensions: 7.5"H

Price: $13.00 + HST

Cactus Stem.jpg

Flowering Cactus Picks

Cacti are the latest on-trend plant in the world of décor – and these lifelike flowering cacti provide all of the decorative beauty without any of the mess or maintenance. Arrange them in sand, soil or gravel for an attractive southwestern-style centrepiece or add them to other planters as an accent piece.

Dimensions: Assorted

Price: $7.00 + HST each


Sagebrush Decorative Ball

Dimensions: 5” Diameter

Price: $7.50 + HST

Spike Plant.jpg

Grass Potted Faux Plant

Colour: Dark Green / White

Dimensions: 10.5” D x 11” H

Price: $20.00 + HST

Sale Price: $14.00 + HST

Mini Terrarium.jpg

Mini Terrarium Drop + Faux Plant

Colour: Glass / Green

Dimensions: 3” D x 4” H

Price: $6.00 + HST

Sale Price: $4.20 + HST

Boxwood Ball.jpg

Jardin Potted Faux Topiary - Boxwood Ball

Colour: Green / White

Dimensions: 5.5”D x 10” H

Price: $19.99 + HST

Sale Price: $13.99 + HST


Succulent Garden in Bowl

Our plastic mini succulent garden displays the fascinating array of subtle colors and bold shapes. Nicely finished in a ceramic pot.

Dimensions: 7” H

Price: $24.00 + HST


Succulents in Tapered Pots - Set of 4

MOJAVE is an assortment of artificial mini succulents in porcelain containers.

Dimensions: 4” H

Price: $19.00 + HST (for set of 4)